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SPROUTS began in 2008…

as a children’s resale boutique, founded by a single mom, Jenn, and her parents. and after almost a decade we’ve refocused our mission, reignited our passion and have expanded what we carry in our shop – including handcrafted furniture and home decor pieces, women’s clothing, shoes and designer handbags and diaper bags – and have blurred the lines between retail and resale. And with the launch of our online store in 2017 – and Jenn’s ever-flowing entrepreneurial spirit, SPROUTS will continue to grow and flourish in new directions… so keep coming back often and follow us on Facebook to keep up with all of our new adventures!

partners in life and business.

in 2016 we (Jenn and Marc) had the opportunity to dive in and live out a dream – to work together and spend the days as a true team. now we can be partners in life and in business… and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

we were married in 2011, and, all of a sudden our two families of 3 became one smooshed up family of 6. it’s been an adventure – one that helped us to form the dream of working together and continue the business that Jenn and her parents had begun. and during the course of our new marriage we embraced the things that we both loved – God, nature, food… and we have found new interests, igniting unknown passions that we could then bring into the overarching mission of Little Sprouts – to Love, Serve, Bless.

one of these newfound passions is the love for repurposing items – whether it be refinishing furniture or using found materials to build something completely new. this new love – coupled with the understanding of the importance of responsible stewardship of our environment – seemed to fold directly into our mission, and has allowed us to broaden our scope of products as well as our audience… and, the more people we can reach with the mission, the bigger our impact can be. and we want to make a huge impact!!!

check out the various ways shopping at a boutique like Little Sprouts can make a real difference in the lives of real people in our community – and the environment.

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