the purpose of SPROUTS

we’re a local, family-owned resale & retail boutique created to save you money on everything your family needs.

it was our goal to build a truly unique shopping experience – one that blends retail and resale – and create a positive impact on our society through our products, our service and our mission. we love resale, and we want to change the way people perceive a resale shop by giving them the a clean and warm environment to spend time in. after all, our customers are choosing to spend their time and money with us – they deserve the best we can offer.

any growing family will tell you how quickly kids grow out of clothes, shoes and gear. and, because they grow so quickly – a lot of their items are still in like-new condition. and we pick only the best of these pieces to resell to our customers.

the same keen-eye goes into the selection of our women’s items, home decor pieces and furniture – we will help you stay up-to-date and on trend. and for a great price.

we simply want to bring our customers the absolute best pieces we can find at the best prices. and, when possible, we strive to support local artists and craftsmen as they produce great new, handcrafted items for us.

we hope you love the shop we’ve built for you.

keep scrolling to see an example of the products we carry. and, if you’d like to learn more about how our shop, and the resale shopping model can help our community and the globe, click here. you’ll be surprised.

have a question? shoot us a note.

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