how do we decide what we will buy, and then resell to our customers?

it seems like a simple question, doesn’t it?  surprisingly, it’s not. the real challenge is that we have two sets of customers – and, in some instances, those two sets of customers are one-in-the-same.

our business rests in buying items from one set of customers – customers whose families have outgrown or simply don’t need certain items any more. then we sell those items to other families who are searching for that one perfect piece – whether it be kid’s or women’s clothing, furniture, baby equipment and gear or toys. and, as we mentioned, sometimes, those paths cross, and the moment we buy an item from one family, they are right there in our checkout line purchasing an item we just bought from their neighbor.

so, as you could imagine, it’s a balancing act. we try to buy items – clothes, strollers, cribs, etc. – from a family and pay them as much as possible for that item. and then we sell that item to another family for a great price. we want to honor both of our customers by paying as much as possible for the items we buy and selling items for as little as possible to our other customers. it can be a challenge to walk that fine line, but, we do our best. of course everyone has their thoughts as to what a fair price is. so, we always try to listen to our customers and make sure everyone leaves happy – whether they are buying or selling.

our heart will always be in bringing your family the best products at the best value. it’s our promise to you.

want to know what we buy and when?

one of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “what are you currently buying?”… and that does vary by season. due to the nature of our small business, we must keep a keen eye on our inventory levels. plus, we want to pay our selling customers as much as we can, and, in turn, sell our products to our buying customers for the best price we can… and that requires a tried-and-proven plan.

All Year Buying
women’s clothing, shoes, boots, accessories; designer handbags; princess & Halloween costumes; winter coats, boots, snowsuits, snow pants; rain coats, rain boots, kid’s umbrellas; story books; Disney DVDs; home decor; furniture; baby gear, pack ‘n plays, swings, strollers, etc; outdoor items such as slides, climbers, cozy coupes, pcinic tables, snad & water tables, wagons, tricycles; toys; American Girl dolls and accessories
January 2 – May 31
spring & summer kid’s clothing & shoes (preemie – size 8)
we don’t buy kid’s clothing due to summer clearance sale and prep for fall
July 1 – November 30
fall & winter kid’s clothing & shoes & boots (preemie – size 8)
we don’t buy kid’s clothing due to winter clearance sale and prep for spring

and, if you want to know what types of items we buy, you can check out the list below. we’re sure this isn’t everything, but, it will give you an idea. and, if you have any questions, just scroll to the bottom of the page and shoot us an email. or, please feel free to give us a call at 513-492-7909.

kid’s clothing (preemie – size 8) kid’s shoes (infant – youth 4) designer kid’s brands
kid’s jackets kid’s rain gear kid’s snow boots
kid’s snow pants/suits kid’s gloves & mittens kid’s hats & scarves
kid’s swimwear kid’s pjs & slippers infant toys
kid’s toys ride-on toys balance bikes
tricycles wagons pack ‘n plays
swings bouncers walkers
rock & plays train tables doorway jumpers
exersaucers jumperoos disney character toys
princess dress up gear books DVD’s
doll houses cribs changing tables
glider rockers kid’s table & chair sets strollers
convertible car seats high chairs infant carriers
bumbo seats diaper bags women’s casual clothing
women’s shoes & boots women’s accessories women’s scarves
women’s athletic wear & shoes designer handbags designer diaper bags
designer wallets & clutches handmade furniture solid wood furniture

want to know how we pay our customers? well… we have three methods.

our first method is cash. when you bring us your items, we will provide you with a cash offer that is representative of what we think we can sell the items for in our store – and, remember, we have overhead and staff to take care of as well, so, that is a factor;

our second method is store credit. we take our initial cash offer, and provide you with an additional 20% in store credit – so, if your cash offer is $30, then your store credit offer will be $36. as an added bonus, the store credit never expires and is good on anything in the store.

our third method is taking your item(s) on consignment. this is an option that we use when we bring in an item that we think will sell for a higher price – this is the option we use for items like a high-end strollers or a designer hand bag. the biggest difference between a consignment option and a cash/store credit offer is that with consignment you will get paid once the item sells. and, you will get 50% of what it sells for. if this is the method we choose to use for your items, you will be provided with a consignment contract to review (it’s short, we promise). you can also download our consignment contract here.

did we miss something? or do you have a unique item that you think we might be interested in? shoot us a note. thanks!

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